Land Of The Lustrous Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot & All

Written By Charles Eames
Last updated: August 30, 2023

The highly anticipated Land of the Lustrous Season 2 has fans eagerly awaiting updates on the release date, cast, plot, and more. It’s been a while since Season 1 concluded in 2017, leaving viewers wanting more of this unique, visually stunning anime series. I’m here to share what we know so far and what to expect in the upcoming season of this gem-infused fan favorite.

Land of the Lustrous, also known as Houseki no Kuni, is a visually enchanting anime that revolves around a dystopian setting in which crystalline beings, known as gems, fight off mysterious creatures called Lunarians.

Each gem holds a unique power based on its hardness, and the story focuses on Phos, the youngest of the gems, as they embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth. The show has captivated audiences with its intricacies and beautiful animation style, which was enhanced by its use of computer-generated imagery (CGI).

Rumors and speculations about Season 2 have been circulating for years, with fans clamoring for updates and new information about when we’ll finally see the continuation of Phos’ journey. Stay tuned for more in-depth discussion and insight into what we can expect when Land of the Lustrous Season 2 finally arrives.

Will there be a Season 2 of Land of the Lustrous?

As avid followers of Land of the Lustrous eagerly anticipate news about a second season, it’s essential to evaluate various factors and developments that could potentially contribute to the renewal or cancellation of Season 2. While no definitive answer currently exists regarding a second season, there is still room for hope and speculation about what might happen in the near future.

Land of the Lustrous

Chances for a Sequel Based on Popularity and Demand

Although Land of the Lustrous drew audiences with its breathtaking CGI animation style and captivating storylines, it’s uncertain if its popularity is substantial enough to warrant further investment in an entire additional season. Many anime series gain significant followings but don’t receive sequels due to other factors like financial considerations or insufficient source material.

However, fans can still play an essential role by voicing their support for a second season through social media. Positive online engagement could help strengthen demands for more episodes.

Renewal Status from Anime Studio Behind Land Of The Lustrous

Studio Orange is the anime studio that made Land Of The Lustrous Season 1 and has not yet announced any formal plans for Land of the Lustrous Season 2. While this lack of official confirmation doesn’t necessarily mean another season won’t happen, it does leave fans with lingering uncertainty. It’s crucial not to lose hope, though; several anime series has taken many years to produce subsequent seasons due to strategic production or market-related decisions.

Follow Studio Orange and other official channels, such as Land of the Lustrous‘ official Twitter, for potential announcements related to Season 2’s production or renewal.

Social Media Hints and Fan Petitions

Given social media’s influence on today’s entertainment landscape, hints from Studio Orange personnel or affiliated staff on Twitter or other platforms could offer valuable insights into whether a Land of the Lustrous sequel is a possibility. Engaging in discussions and showing support for Season 2 through likes, comments, and shares could catch the production team’s attention.

Beyond social media, passionate followers can also contribute to or start fan-driven petitions supporting second-season production efforts. Platforms such as or anime-centric forums can be used to organize these petitions and show a unified and strong demand for more episodes.

Land of the Lustrous Season 2 Release Date: When Can We Expect It?

With the first season of Land of the Lustrous captivating audiences with its unique visual style and engaging storyline, fans of the anime have been eagerly awaiting an official announcement regarding a second season. However, as is often the case with animation productions, determining a precise release date for an upcoming season can be challenging due to various factors that can influence production timelines.

Factors Influencing the Potential Release Date

  1. Studio’s availability and schedule: A significant factor in determining when Land of the Lustrous Season 2 will be released in the anime studio responsible for its production. Studio Orange, which was behind the first season, might have other ongoing projects or commitments that could influence their ability to work on a second season.
  2. Source material: It’s worth noting that Land of the Lustrous is an anime adaptation of a manga series written by Haruko Ichikawa. The availability of sufficient source material from the manga would have a direct impact on when a second season could be produced.
  3. Market demand and financial considerations: Market demand and profit potential are crucial considerations in deciding whether to produce another season. If Land of the Lustrous Season 1 performed well financially, it could encourage investors to back a second installment.

Studio and Production Updates

Currently, no official updates from Studio Orange or other stakeholders involved in production suggest that Land of the Lustrous has been renewed for a second season. As it stands now, there are no exact dates available for when we might expect to see new episodes.

However, fans should not lose hope! Given how much time has passed since Season 1 aired in Fall 2017—spanning over four years—it doesn’t necessarily mean that a sequel is off the table. Anime adaptations have been known to return after long hiatuses based on renewed support or interest, such as Attack on Titan.

To stay informed about any potential updates, keep an eye on Studio Orange’s official website or follow their Twitter account.

Comparison to Similar Anime

It can be helpful for fans to look at similar anime series and their timelines as a point of comparison. For example, both Houseki no Kuni and Made in Abyss aired their first seasons around the same time (2017). While Made in Abyss continued with a movie adaptation before announcing its second season, Houseki no Kuni has remained relatively quiet in terms of announcements for future content. This could indicate that animation studios may prioritize some projects over others based on various factors discussed before, adding more uncertainty to potential release timelines for Season 2.

Land of the Lustrous Season 2: Manga Adaptation

As it’s uncertain when or if Land of the Lustrous Season 2 will be produced, many fans have turned their attention to the manga source material to satisfy their cravings for more content. Understanding what’s happening in the manga world and its potential to influence a future anime adaptation is essential for those dedicated followers eager for a second season.

Land of the Lustrous Season 2

Manga Content Covered in Season 1

The first season of Land of the Lustrous adapted Haruko Ichikawa’s manga series up until volume 5. This means that any potential sequel would likely pick up from where it left off, offering exciting new storylines, conflicts, and character developments for anime viewers who haven’t yet delved into the manga series.

Differences between Manga and Anime Adaptations

While both versions have received high praise for their storytelling and character-building, it’s crucial to remember that some differences might exist between both formats. This is often due to animation techniques or storytelling structure decisions unique to each medium. Although this shouldn’t deter fans from enjoying either version, anyone choosing only one version should be aware that slight variations may occur.

Land of the Lustrous manga readers still eagerly awaiting news about a second season can still enjoy the pleasure of exploring new storylines, conflicts, and character arcs. By embracing both formats, fans can gain a comprehensive understanding of this unique and engrossing world.

Land of the Lustrous Season 2: What’s Next for the Story?

If Land of the Lustrous indeed moves forward with a second season, what can fans expect in terms of the storyline progression? Given that the anime is adapted from Haruko Ichikawa’s ongoing manga series, we can turn to the manga for potential plot points and character developments that could be explored in Season 2. Note that some spoilers may lie ahead if you aren’t caught up with the source material.

Major Plot Points to be Addressed in Season 2

Based on where Season 1 concluded, it covered roughly five volumes of the manga, leaving six more volumes available for adaptation. These additional volumes delve further into Phos’ journey, their encounters with new allies and adversaries, revelations about their world, and a deeper understanding of the conflict between Gem society and Lunarians.

  • Phos’ transformation: Following events toward the end of Season 1, Phos continues to change both physically and mentally as they seek answers regarding their own existence.
  • Moon exploration: As Phos delves into Lunar society firsthand, a closer look at Lunarian civilization could provide intriguing narrative opportunities to explore cultural differences between Gems and Lunarians.
  • New alliances: A defining aspect of Land of the Lustrous is its focus on interpersonal relationships. Characters form new bonds while grappling with trust issues stemming from personal betrayal or intrigue.

Character Arcs and Developments

As fans have already witnessed throughout the first season, personal growth is a key theme within Land of the Lustrous. The subsequent story arcs will undoubtedly further develop characters, both old and new:

  • Phos: With several transformative experiences impacting their perspective on life, Phos may undergo significant character growth as they continue to adapt to increasingly difficult challenges.
  • Cairngorm: The introduction and subsequent exploration of this character play a crucial role in the narrative as they grapple with identity and the impact of their decisions.
  • Aechmea: As a prominent Lunarian figure, Aechmea’s true intentions and plans may be unveiled, potentially offering insight into the complex dynamics between Gems and Lunarians.

New Conflicts, Challenges, and Villains

Season 2 should no doubt introduce new conflicts and adversaries that will keep fans on their toes. The ongoing tension between Gems and Lunarians will likely be further explored in-depth, shedding light on hidden motivations, illustrating how Phos is caught in the crossfire of this ideological battle, and teasing potential new enemies lurking in the shadows.

The Returning Cast and New Characters in Land of the Lustrous Season 2

While Land of the Lustrous Season 1 featured a memorable cast of characters, fans can look forward to both familiar faces and intriguing newcomers in a potential second season. As storylines evolve and character arcs progress, the returning characters’ experiences will help drive the narrative, while fresh additions will provide new perspectives on their world.

Main Character Voice Actors Returning

Assuming a second season is greenlit by Studio Orange, it can be expected that most, if not all, primary voice actors from Season 1 will return to reprise their roles. This continuity helps maintain a sense of connection between seasons and ensures consistent performances beloved by fans. Some central cast members include:

  • Tomoyo Kurosawa as Phosphophyllite (Phos)
  • Mikako Komatsu as Cinnabar (Cinna)
  • Ai Kayano as Diamond (Dia)
  • Ayane Sakura as Bort

Introducing New Characters from Manga Chapters

As Season 2 delves into story arcs not yet touched upon in the anime adaptation, several new characters play important roles in shaping and pushing the narrative forward. These newcomers typically hail from later chapters of Haruko Ichikawa’s original manga series. While we can’t cover every single new character here, in part to avoid significant spoilers, we can mention some key figures to look out for:

  • Cairngorm: Originally making an appearance toward the end of Season 1 alongside Antarcticite, Cairngorm has an intricate storyline closely tied with Phos throughout subsequent events. Their internal struggles and relationships significantly impact the overall plot.
  • Aechmea: This enigmatic Lunarian is responsible for various crucial developments throughout later chapters in the manga. His interactions with various characters, particularly Phos and Cairngorm, offer new perspectives on the dynamics between Gems and Lunarians.
  • Ghost Quartz: Ghost Quartz has a unique status in the gem world due to its connection with another character. The complexity of their relationship is central to some of the emotionally impactful moments in the story.

Guest Stars or Cameo Appearances

Aside from returning and new central cast members, a second season could feature occasional guest stars or cameo appearances by notable voice actors. These surprise appearances can provide fans with additional excitement while watching the season unfold. Such instances might include:

  • A highly-regarded voice actor as a new Gem character: With several additional Gems appearing throughout late chapters in the manga, it’s possible that one or more could be lent a voice by prominent actors from the anime industry.
  • Familiar voices as Lunarians: As we potentially learn more about Lunarian society, it opens up opportunities for cameos or guest roles by seasoned performers.

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The Art & Animation Style: Maintaining its Unique Appeal

One critical aspect that sets Land of the Lustrous apart from other anime series is its striking and innovative use of CGI animation. This exceptional visual appeal, blending both 3D and 2D elements, significantly contributed to the anime’s ability to captivate audiences. A potential second season must sustain this unique style while continuing to push the boundaries of creative storytelling.

Continuing with CGI Animation and Its Unique Aesthetic

The first season of Land of the Lustrous relied heavily on a CGI animation style that truly brought its characters and world to life in an immersive way. Studio Orange’s skilled animators managed to blend traditional 2D elements with groundbreaking 3D-rendered visuals, creating an unparalleled visual experience. Ensuring that this distinct aesthetic remains intact for Season 2 would be essential for maintaining its widespread appeal.

Studio Responsible for Animation Quality

Studio Orange’s involvement in the creation of a possible second season would be vital for ensuring continuity in animation quality and preserving Land of the Lustrous’ iconic visual style. The studio has proven itself highly capable in terms of producing innovative animation work while balancing its distinct artistic vision. Fans should take note of any announcements regarding Studio Orange and their involvement in possible future projects tied to Land of the Lustrous.

Land of the Lustrous Release Date

Possible Improvements or Changes in Visual Style

While staying true to Season 1’s unique blend of CGI and traditional animation techniques will be important moving forward, there is room for possible improvements or creative evolutions within Season 2’s visuals. Advancing technologies may allow Studio Orange’s animators to enhance particular animations or refine certain details within their world-building efforts, all while keeping faithful to their initial art direction.

Maintaining Land of the Lustrous‘ unique visual appeal will be crucial in ensuring the success of a second season. Keeping Studio Orange involved and leveraging advancements in animation technology could potentially result in an even better follow-up season for fans to enjoy and appreciate.

Land of the Lustrous Season 2 Trailer: What Can We Expect?

As anticipation for a potential Season 2 of Land of the Lustrous builds, fans are eagerly awaiting any visual preview, such as a trailer or teaser, that could hint at what they can expect from the new episodes. While no such promotional material currently exists due to the lack of an official Season 2 announcement, we can delve into what fans may look forward to once a trailer becomes available.

Trailer Release Timeline Based on Industry Standards

Typically, anime trailers are released anywhere from 3-6 months prior to a show’s season premiere. With this timeframe in mind, fans should stay vigilant for any announcements regarding a specific release date and set their expectations accordingly.

Available Teasers or Sneak Peeks

Although no official trailer has surfaced yet for Land of the Lustrous, one way for avid watchers to get their fix is by seeking out fan-made trailers or compilation videos that highlight significant moments from Season 1, along with fan speculations and predictions on what might happen next. These unofficial trailers can give fans an idea of what future content could potentially entail.

Dissecting Visuals, Audio, and Narrative Hints

Once an official trailer is released, observant viewers should scrutinize every detail, including visual styles or animation techniques carried over from the first season, background audio that could hint at new theme songs or musical pieces, and glimpses into the general tone and atmosphere of the upcoming episodes. Analyzing these narrative clues will help craft theories about potential storylines and character developments in Land of the Lustrous Season 2.

Fan Speculations, Theories, & Expectations for Land of the Lustrous Season 2

In the absence of any official announcements regarding Land of the Lustrous Season 2, dedicated fans have taken it upon themselves to create and share various speculations, theories, and expectations about what might be in store for the next installment. These conjectures are based on manga content, previous episodes, or even simple wishful thinking. Regardless, they illustrate fans’ desire for a continuation of this beautifully crafted story.

Popular Fan Theories Circulating Online

Based on available manga chapters, several fan theories revolve around what could happen in Season 2. Fans speculate that the storyline might delve deeper into the origins and history of the Lustrous people while revealing more about their relationships with other races, such as the Lunarians and Admirabilis. Furthermore, an exploration of Phos’ character development after their transformation could drive much of Season 2’s narrative.

Fan Polls on Most Anticipated Storylines or Character Arcs

Some fan-driven polls posted on discussion boards or anime forums survey what viewers are most excited to see in a potential Land of the Lustrous sequel. Common themes include learning more about Lustrous individual characters like Antarcticite and Yellow Diamond or diving further into Phosphophyllite’s journey to uncover their true purpose.

Discussions on Forums or Social Media Platforms

Fans often engage in stimulating conversation via online platforms such as Reddit or Twitter to discuss possible story arcs that could be explored in a second season. These discussions allow for collaboration among fellow enthusiasts and amplify Land of the Lustrous’s presence in media channels — which could potentially attract the attention of potential investors or production teams.

As fans continue to eagerly await news of Land of the Lustrous Season 2, they demonstrate their passion and investment in the series via shared speculations, theories, and expectations. The anime community is often known for its vast creativity and ingenuity; reflecting on these proposed ideas highlights the undeniable enthusiasm for a fantastic series and the hope that it will get the sequel it deserves.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Land Of The Lustrous

Will Land of the Lustrous continue?

As of now, there’s no official confirmation about the continuation of the Land of the Lustrous anime. Stay tuned for updates from the studio.

Is Land of Lustrous worth it?

Absolutely! With its unique storyline, stunning visuals, and deep character development, Land of the Lustrous is definitely worth watching.

What studio is behind Land of the Lustrous?

The renowned studio Orange created the anime adaptation of Land of the Lustrous.

Who is the main villain in Land of the Lustrous?

The Lunarians, mysterious beings from the moon, are the main antagonists in Land of the Lustrous.

Is Phos a girl or a boy?

The gems in Land of the Lustrous, including Phos (Phosphophyllite), are genderless. They are often referred to with they/them pronouns.

Did Phos become a villain?

Phos undergoes significant character development and changes throughout the series, but labeling them as a villain would be an oversimplification.

What gem is Sensei in Land of the Lustrous?

Sensei, also known as Kongo-sensei, is an Adamant. He is a unique being and not a gem like the others.


The anticipation for a potential Land of the Lustrous Season 2 remains strong among its passionate fan base. With fascinating speculations about story progression, character arcs, and visuals, it’s evident that the desire for a continuation of this unique and captivating anime runs deep. Although no official announcement exists regarding a second season, fans remain hopeful that their unyielding support and engagement will not go unnoticed.

Until then, it’s essential for fans to stay connected with one another through forums, social media, and other platforms where they can share their thoughts, theories, and desires for Land of the Lustrous Season 2. By uniting as a community, followers can keep the spirit of this extraordinary series alive and maintain hope for an eventual return to the dazzling world of the Lustrous.

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