Jaeden Martell Net Worth, Early Life & All (2024 Updated)

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Jaeden Martell is an American actor best known for his roles in the IT film franchise and The Book of Henry. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Martell began acting at a young age, landing small roles on television shows such as Boardwalk Empire and St. Vincent before securing his breakout role as Bill Denbrough in the 2017 adaptation of Stephen King’s IT.

Martell has continued to succeed in both television and film, with roles in Knives Out and The Lodge. Along with his acting career, Martell is also a musician, performing under the stage name “Sibling.” He has released several singles, including “Letting Go” and “Heartbreak Hotel.”

With a steady stream of projects lined up, Martell’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million in (2024). As he proves his versatility as an actor, Martell’s prominence in Hollywood is only expected to rise in the coming years.

He is also known for his activism, speaking out about mental health awareness and supporting various charitable causes. Thus, we can say that Martell is a rising star to watch out for in the world of acting, and he is only just getting started.

Jaeden Martell Net Worth and Wiki (2024)

Full NameJaeden Wesley Martell
Net Worth$1 Million
Date of BirthJanuary 4, 2003
Place of BirthPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Height5 ft 7 in
EducationLocal high school in Los Angeles, California
EthnicityGerman, Irish
Marital statusUnmarried 
AwardsCritics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Young Actor/Actress (2018), National Board of Review Award for Breakthrough Performance (2017)
Years active2013-Present

Net Worth

As of (2024), Jaeden Martell’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million. Martell has accumulated wealth primarily through his successful acting career, with notable roles in IT, Knives Out, and The Lodge.

Jaeden Martell Net Worth

Along with steady film and television projects, Martell also earns income through his music career under the stage name “Sibling.”

With a promising future ahead of him, Martell’s net worth will likely continue to grow as he takes on more high-profile roles in Hollywood. Thus, we can say that Martell’s success as an actor and musician has certainly paid off financially.

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Early Life and Education

Jaeden Martell was born on January 4, 2003, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to parents Angela and John Martell.

He has one older sister named Lily Marie Martell, who is also an actress. Martell grew up with a strong passion for performing, participating in local theater productions as a child.

In 2013, he made his television debut on the show Boardwalk Empire before landing small roles in St. Vincent and The Boy Who Cried Werewolf.

In 2015, Martell moved to Los Angeles with his family to further pursue his acting career. He attended a local high school while simultaneously booking roles in film and television projects such as Midnight Special and Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.

During his childhood, Martell also developed a love for music and learned to play the guitar and piano. He performs under the stage name “Sibling,” releasing singles such as “Letting Go” and “Heartbreak Hotel.” He was also interested in photography, taking pictures for local bands, and selling prints at their concerts.

Subsequently, Martell’s formative years served as the cornerstone for his distinguished career in both music and show business. His enthusiasm for the performing arts still persists today, pushing him to reach heights of success with each new undertaking.


Martell’s big break came with his portrayal of Bill Denbrough in the 2017 adaptation of Stephen King’s IT. The film was a critical and commercial success, grossing over $700 million worldwide.

Jaeden Martell Career

He reprised his role for the 2019 sequel, IT Chapter Two, which also performed well at the box office.

Martell has continued to find success in both television and film, landing roles in Knives Out (2019), The Lodge (2019), and Transgression (2020).

He also starred alongside Naomi Watts and Jacob Tremblay in the critically acclaimed drama film The Book of Henry (2017).

In addition to acting, Martell is also establishing himself as a musician under the stage name “Sibling.” He released his debut single, “Letting Go,” in 2019, followed by “Heartbreak Hotel” in 2020. Martell plans to release more music in the future and continue to pursue his passion for performing.

Aside from his successful acting and music career, Martell is also known for his activism and charitable work. He has spoken out about mental health awareness and actively supports various causes, including The Trevor Project and War Child UK. His career took a turn for the better, and Martell continues to make a positive impact both onscreen and off.

Overall, Martell’s diverse talents have proven him to be a rising star in Hollywood with a promising future ahead of him. As he continues to take on challenging roles and release new music, we can expect even more success for this talented performer.

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Personal Life

When we talk about his personal life, Jaeden Martell is currently single and not dating anyone. He is focused on his career as an actor and musician, but he does enjoy spending time with his friends and family.

Jaeden Martell Personal life

Martell is also a dog lover and has two rescue dogs named Lulu and Harry. In terms of hobbies and interests, Martell enjoys photography, skateboarding, playing video games, and watching movies in his free time.

He also loves to travel and has visited various countries such as Italy, Japan, Australia, and Thailand.

He also loves collecting sneakers, his favorite being the Nike Dunk Low Pro “Brickhouse” from 2004.

He also has a good collection of vinyl records, and his favorite album is “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea” by Neutral Milk Hotel.

Martell is also known for his activism, promoting mental health awareness and supporting various causes such as The Trevor Project and War Child UK. He uses his platform to bring attention to important issues and make a positive impact on the world.

Respectively, his private life displays his adoration for performing arts, zeal for activism and charitable contributions, and admiration of adventure and imagination. He continues to pursue his aspirations while making a notable impact on the world.

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Awards and Nominations

Awards always recognize talent, and Jaeden Martell has been recognized for his acting skills. He won the Young Artist Award in 2018 for Best Performance in a Feature Film – Supporting Young Actor for his role in IT.

He has also received nominations at various award shows, including the Chicago Independent Film Critics Circle Awards and Online Association of Female Film Critics Awards, for his role in Knives Out (2019).

In 2020, he was nominated at the British Academy Children’s Awards for Performer of the Year for his roles in IT Chapter Two and The Lodge (2019).

He was also nominated for Best Male Newcomer at the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards for his role in IT Chapter Two.

Overall, Martell’s awards and nominations show that he continues to impress audiences and critics with his acting talent and versatility in various roles, making him a rising star in Hollywood. We can expect even more recognition and accolades for this talented performer in the future.


Milestones are always memorable moments in someone’s career, and Jaeden Martell has had many milestones throughout his acting career. Following are some of the biggest milestones in his career so far:

  • His breakthrough role as Bill Denbrough in the horror film adaptation of Stephen King’s IT (2017)
  • Starring alongside Hollywood heavyweights like Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, and Jamie Lee Curtis in the critically acclaimed mystery film Knives Out (2019)
  • Making his music debut with “Hotel” in 2020
  • Being chosen as one of GQ’s Men of the Year in 2019

These milestones showcase Martell’s rising success and versatility as both an actor and musician. We can expect even more milestones for this talented performer in the future, and we’ll be watching his career closely.

Where does Jaeden Martell spend most of his money?

When it comes to his expenses, Jaeden Martell likely spends most of his money on living expenses, such as rent and bills, and investments in his career through acting classes or music equipment.

He may also spend money on traveling and indulging in his hobbies, such as buying sneakers or vinyl records.

He also spends a lot on charitable endeavors, supports various causes, and regularly uses his platform to bring attention to important issues such as mental health awareness.

Additionally, he often donates to charities and fundraises for them, such as his involvement in the Stars in the House series, where proceeds go towards The Actors Fund during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He also loves to collect sneakers and has a personal collection of over 200 pairs.

His expenses also include saving for the future and maintaining a stable financial situation. Overall, Jaeden Martell uses his money to invest in himself and his passions while also giving back to others and supporting important causes.

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How does Jaeden Martell make his money?

Jaeden Martell primarily makes money through his acting career, appearing in films and television shows. He has also made money through endorsement deals and advertising campaigns, such as for the fashion brand H&M. Additionally, he earns income from his music ventures and any musical releases.

His sources of income also include profits from his investments and possibly financial advising and real estate endeavors, as he has mentioned in interviews that he is interested in those subjects.

He also likely receives royalties from his past projects, such as IT and Knives Out.

Martell’s impressive achievements in various sectors provide him with multiple streams of revenue that have contributed to his wealth and ongoing success in the entertainment industry.

5 Success lessons to learn from Jaeden Martell 

Success lessons are things that we can learn and apply to our own lives in order to achieve success, just like Jaeden Martell. Here are five success lessons from him:

1. Follow your passions and pursue them wholeheartedly: Martell’s passion for acting started at a young age, leading him to take classes and continuously strive to improve his craft as an actor. He also has a passion for music, which led him to make his debut with “Hotel” in 2020. Following our passions and putting effort into pursuing them can lead us toward success in the long run.

2. Stay humble and grateful: Despite his rising fame and success, Martell remains humble and grateful for all of the opportunities he has received throughout his career. This attitude can help us stay grounded and appreciate everything that we have accomplished instead of becoming arrogant or entitled.

3. Use your platform for good: Martell uses his platform to bring attention to important issues, such as mental health awareness, and regularly donates to charities and fundraises for them. Using our platforms, whether on social media or in our careers, to support important causes can not only make a difference in the world but also bring fulfillment and purpose to our own lives.

4. Always continue learning and improving: Martell continuously works on improving his acting skills through classes and staying up-to-date with industry trends. In our fields, it’s important to always continue learning new things and improving our skills to stay relevant and successful.

5. Have a plan for your finances: Martell saves for his future and maintains a stable financial situation, showing the importance of having a plan for our finances to create stability and security. This can include saving, investing, budgeting, and seeking advice from professionals when necessary.

Overall, these success lessons from Jaeden Martell can be applied to our own lives to achieve success like him.

Favorite Quotes from Jaeden Martell

Favorite quotes are always inspiring and motivating, especially from successful individuals like Taylor Schilling. Here are some of her quotes that we can apply to our own lives:

  • “I don’t believe in perfection, but I do believe in striving for excellence.”

This quote emphasizes the importance of continuously striving for improvement instead of chasing after a nonexistent standard of perfection.

  • “Taking risks is necessary to progress in life.”

Sometimes taking risks can lead to failure, but it is necessary to grow and move forward in life.

  • “We should never stop learning and growing as individuals.”

It’s important to always continue seeking knowledge and personal development throughout our lives.

  • “It’s okay to not have all the answers or know exactly where you’re going, as long as you keep following your instincts and intuition.”

Trusting in ourselves and our gut can lead us to success, even if we don’t have everything figured out.

  • “Be kind to yourself; it’s a journey, not a destination.”

Self-kindness and self-compassion are important during the journey toward success and personal growth, rather than only focusing on reaching a final destination.

Overall, these quotes from Jaeden Martell remind us to strive for excellence, take risks, continue learning and growing, trust ourselves, and be kind to ourselves throughout our journeys toward success.


When we take about his relationships, it is reported that Jaeden Martell is currently single and is not dating anyone. He previously dated actress Sophia Lillis for three years before they split in 2019.

Jaeden Martell Relationships

In a past interview, Martell mentioned that maintaining healthy relationships requires communication and effort from both parties involved.

This can be applied to all of our relationships, whether romantic or platonic, as putting in the work to communicate effectively and support each other can lead to stronger connections.

Overall, Jaeden Martell’s experiences and lessons in his personal life can also apply to our own lives, such as in our relationships. It is important to remember the value of communication and effort in nurturing our connections with others.

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Jaeden Martell has not been involved in any major controversies. However, he did receive some backlash for appearing in the film The Night Comes For Us, which features graphic violence, and was accused by some viewers of promoting excessive brutality.

While it is important to consider the impact of our actions and the messages they may convey, as artists, we must also trust our instincts and judgments in the roles we choose to take on.

In this case, Martell believed that there was a deeper meaning and message behind the violent aspects of the film.

Overall, while Jaeden Martell has not been heavily involved in controversies, it is important to consider the potential consequences and messages of our actions while also trusting ourselves and our decisions.

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